Chloe and Brad – Tides Beach Club

October 29, 2018

Chloe and Brad got married on one of the most beautiful days in September! With beach weddings you’re always hoping for that perfect weather, and boy did we get that! Sunny, 70 degrees, and a nice breeze – can’t go wrong with that! I went to college with these two and had the opportunity to see their relationship start, so when Chloe reached out and asked me to be there to document the day their marriage started I was over the moon! These two are seriously two of the most amazing people ever, and they deserve such a beautiful life! They’ve done such a great job surrounding themselves with friends and family who have always supported and encouraged them, so with a tribe like that backing them up I know they have a bright future as they start this new journey of marriage! To Chloe and Brad, I wish you guys nothing but the best in life. This gorgeous wedding day is just the beginning of a wonderful marriage and many more happy, laughter – filled days!

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