A Dreamy Day at Fiddle Lake Farm

October 9, 2017

About a month ago I was in search of a couple to do a styled shoot with me. I had just recently moved to PA from Boston (talk about a major change!) and was very new to the area. Being a wedding photographer I was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous Northeast PA was and instantly had the urge to jump into some photoshoots. I had heard amazing things about Fiddle Lake Farm and it wasn’t long before I decided I needed to do a shoot there. Thanks to a personal connection of mine we were able to get in touch with the owners of FLF and got approval to do the shoot there (talk about a dream come true)! Then comes this amazing couple, who I also got connected with through the same person who got me in touch with FLF. I could not have ended up with a more perfect couple, and I quickly learned how meaningful these pictures would be to them. Turns out, they had gotten married a few months ago, but David (the groom) had been very sick the day of their wedding and wasn’t able to fully enjoy the night. So this was more than just a photoshoot for them, it was a chance to relive their wedding day; and we did everything we could to ensure they did just that. They danced to their wedding song, cut, and fed each other wedding cake, and enjoyed many “first kisses,” twirls, and dips!

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