Leah and Bill – South Jersey Wedding

March 26, 2021

Like most 2020 couples, due to Covid, Leah and Bill were forced to make some major changes to their wedding day. They settled on doing it in Bill’s parents backyard. Was that their first choice? No. Their second choice? No. But as the saying goes, “Third time’s a charm.” And a charming wedding it was!! Did the weather cooperate and give us a perfect day? No. But their day, as one of Leah’s bridesmaids said, ended up being “perfectly imperfect.” And I truly think those words describe their wedding day the best. Throughout the day there was rain, wind, and clouds. But there was also sunshine, warmth, laughter, and a whole lot of LOVE! This may not have been the wedding Leah and Bill originally wanted, but I think it’s evident that it’s the wedding they needed. As a wedding photographer I see A LOT of weddings. SO many weddings that focus more on the wedding itself, rather than the marriage and celebration. This day allowed Leah and Bill to not worry about little details that may have been a stressor at an actual venue, and to focus on the most important part, their marriage. The morning of their wedding, the tent was blown over (due to high winds and rain) and the ground that they were all supposed to gather on became wet and muddy. Did that stop them? Nope. Groomsmen, family and friends jumped into action and brought in boards to put on the ground, and got the tent back up and running. And they moved forward. There was thunder, lightening, and heavy rain during their ceremony. Did that stop them? Nope. They had the most beautiful ceremony filled with so much joy and laughter! And then, just like that when it was time to take pictures of the bridal party, the sun came out and gave us some beautiful golden light!! The rest of their day was perfect, everything fell into place, and Leah and Bill were so relaxed, so relieved, and so happy! Their wedding was perfectly imperfect, and exactly what they needed! <3

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