Their Love Story – Kenny and Julia

March 2, 2018

Back in February 2017 I was sitting in the office (at my day job at the time), and I was trying to think of some cool photo shoots I could plan. It was winter, so things were a little slow, photography wise, so I was eager to whip out my camera. That is when I thought, hmm, I have a blonde haired, blue eyed GORGEOUS co-worker who happens to be dating a handsome air force officer. Oh and they’re head over heels for each other….how perfect would they be? Julia’s cubicle was just a few feet away from mine, so I decided to stop by her desk and throw out the idea of doing a couple’s shoot with her and Kenny. Luckily, she LOVED the idea and was totally on board! She mentioned how she wanted to do a military themed shoot with Kenny in his uniform. With my own husband also being in the Air Force at the time, I obviously loved this idea! So we planned out the shoot, and chose to do it at the Old Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA, which was such a gorgeous spot, especially covered in glistening white snow! As expected Julia and Kenny were VERY photogenic…I don’t think there was one bad picture of them. We trudged around in the snow for about an hour and a half taking all sorts of fun pictures! They have such a natural chemistry that I barely had to do anything, other than lift my camera and shoot. I gave them very simple directions (look at each other, pick her up, twirl, etc), and left the rest up to them. And boy did they deliver…they are so madly in love, and any time they are in each other’s arms magic happens!

This was the first professional photoshoot Julia and Kenny had done, so they loved the pictures! So much so, that a month later when Kenny was ready to pop the question to Julia, he reached out to me and asked me to be there to capture the proposal. OBVIOUSLY I said yes!!! Kenny had the exact day, location, and even time planned out (he’s quite the planner). It’d be March 11th, in Fanueil Hall, at the very end (in the circular part) where they had their first kiss (talk about ROMANTIC!!). Luckily for them, it was one of the coldest days of the year (about -10 degrees), so Fanueil hall wasn’t nearly as packed as it usually would’ve been. And thankfully for me, who was worried about Julia recognizing me, I was bundled up in about 5 layers of clothes with my entire body and face completely covered, so I totally felt “undercover.” The proposal went great, as expected, and Julia was beaming with a smile from ear to ear! She jumped, she squealed, she laughed..she was SO happy!!!! A month ago we were doing a fun boyfriend/girlfriend photoshoot, and now I was there capturing their proposal!

So they’re engaged, YAY! A few months go by, and because it was so cold the day of the proposal we decided to plan another full engagement session in the spring/summer so it’d be nice and warm! We planned a June session in beautiful Connecticut! I had since moved to PA, and Julia and Kenny were still in MA, so we chose a good meeting point..the gorgeous Fairfield University! As with every single picture I’ve taken of them, their pictures were stunning! We had a beautiful day, and because it was the summer time, we pretty much had the entire campus to ourselves!

Stay tuned for a blog post on their stunning wedding at the Iconic Boston Public Library!!!!

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